Buyer’s Lab has awarded Sharp 6 Pick Awards plus an Innovation Award for their entire new color product line. One of the best features of Sharp’s products is their Scan Centric technology. But what is Scan Centric?

It’s no surprise that the digital world is taking over and many things are done electronically these days. That means that scanning is at an all time high and businesses are using this technology to send and receive documents more than ever.

Scan Centric technology provided by Gray & Creech Office Systems makes scanning quick, easy, and efficient with: 

  • Scan 2 Technology: Dual Scanners provide scanning at up to 200 images per minute.
  • Scan directly to Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel & Powerpoint.
  • Scan to Searchable PDF
  • Scan to Cloud Services (One Note, Google & Sharp Cloud Portal Office)
  • New MFP is powered by a super fast 1.9 Ghz, Quadcore processor

This scan centric technology also:

  • Intelligently routes your scanned documents to the right location every time via the MFP display
  • Adds new folders on your server directly from the MFP
  • Prints your files from your server or cloud directly at the MFP
  • Pushes your documents to the cloud via Sharp Cloud Portal with keyword search.
  • And more!

You should experience these impressive Scan Centric MFPs/Copiers for yourself today! Contact us today to schedule a demo and learn more about how your office can run more efficiently.