We hear complaints all the time about our competitor’s business practices. Gray & Creech has nearly 100 years of treating our customers with the respect they deserve. We do not deploy high pressure sales techniques or hide poison pills in the small print.

Our promise to you:
NO lengthy Auto-Renew: At the end of your term your contract will go month to month.
NO Extra Charges: We do not charge for supplies, including shipping.
NO Insurance Charge: We walk you through adding your equipment to your existing insurance policy, usually resulting in little to no charge from your insurance carrier.
Escalation charges are only on service rates, not leases. Our escalation is at our discretion, not automatic. It is true that the older a machine gets the more service it will need and in the later years a escalation may be needed BUT we only escalate the service, not the entire lease payment.

We practice complete transparency with our customers right from the beginning.