Being a local business, the answer to this question is YES.

A huge part of our sales team’s job is meeting with prospective customers. These meetings are part of our initial site survey process to better understand our clients so we can help our clients meet their goals. One thing over the past few years that has stood out to us more and more is how much worse our competitors’ service has become.  

Common issues:

  • We hear response times keep getting worse, especially in the last 12 months.
  • We hear supplies rarely arrive in the “just in time” that they were promised.
  • We hear about the shocking turnover of the sales and service teams.
  • We hear how they were sold something that they did not need.
  • We hear how they were not trained on the machine.
  • We hear about dishonest contracts that hold lots of hidden charges.
  • We hear about auto-renewed contracts that are nearly impossible to cancel.

What is local and how does it solve these commonly heard complaints?

  • Local parts, supplies are crucial for same-day service.
  • Local dispatch means that the dispatcher knows YOU.
  • Local technicians mean familiar faces are here to help.
  • Local accounting means a billing issue or question is only 1 call away.
  • Local management means a quick resolution to any potential problem.

A local entrepreneurial spirit will provide that extra spark to get things done right the first time!