A paperless office starts with using Scan Centric tools to produce intelligent digital documents.

We hear frustration with our clients who say they would like to be more paperless. Once we dig down into the clients’ thoughts and desires, it really turns out that they want the information, but they want it on their terms. Our customers want to be able to pull a contract, invoice, quote, HR document and just about any other document you can think of that’s critical to their business from anywhere, anytime.

To begin your journey for gaining more intelligent documents is through document imaging utilizing a powerful Sharp Scan Centric MFP.

Scan Centric Sharp MFPs:

  • Intelligently route your scanned documents to the right location every time via the MFP display.
  • Add new folders on your server directly from the MFP.
  • Print your files from your server or cloud directly at the MFP.
  • Intelligent scanning in OCR ensures that your scans are Optically Character Recognized for different formats like Microsoft Word, Excel and Searchable PDFs.
  • Push your documents to the cloud via Sharp Cloud Portal with keyword search.
  • Interface directly to Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Zonal OCR
  • Bar Code Scanning
  • Database connection to incorporate these powerful scanning functions directly from the MFP.
  • Bates Stamping and Annotation via the MFP’s display.
  • Clean, de-skew, image crop, blank page deletion for a high quality scan.
  • Compact scan image size by as much 75% for sending email or saving valuable network or cloud space.

Document Imaging at the point of scan from a Sharp Scan Centric MFP is a powerful and efficient first step in office automation.

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