A Moment In Time:  1949

A Moment In Time: 1949

In 1949 our Gray & Creech service vehicle was spotted on the 900 block of West Peace Street in Raleigh, NC. While our products have certainly changed, service is still the bedrock of our company.

2019 Sharp Platinum Service Award

Our service team, managed by Ronnie Chambers, has once again been awarded the Sharp Platinum Service Award. The Sharp Platinum Award is a high bar of metrics set by Sharp Electronics to set apart their elite servicing dealers.

Platinum Service Level

It comes with great honor for our service department to officially be awarded by Sharp Electronics their prestigious Platinum Level Service Award. Our service manager, Ronnie Chambers, designed and diligently implemented a path of excellence for our organization. It...

3.0 hour Measured Service Response Time

Gray & Creech Office Systems takes pride in our quality products, but our excellent service is what makes us stand out. Our amazing service team works extremely hard to make sure that all service requests are taken care of as quickly as possible, in fact,...

Time Is Money – Gray & Creech

New Copier Considerations: Top 3 1)      Local Owned: Local dealers have so much advantage over the large mega dealers and manufacturer based dealers. Local dealers make decisions locally, this alone has a huge impact on the quality of your service as service can me...

3.2 Hour Measured Service Response

We’re so PROUD of our service team for achieving a 3.2 hour service response time. Great technology partnered with a great team leads to great results! How do we achieve a 3.2 hour response time? Service Response Times 2nd QTR