Gray & Creech Office Systems is proud to announce that our service department, guided by our VP of Service, Ronnie Chambers has achieved an average response time of 3.4 hours. “Our company has invested in state of art ERP software that helps us track this vital information, but most importantly it’s our team that makes 3.4 hours response time a reality. When you have highly skilled and factory trained service technicians and a service dispatch team that understands that time is of the essence for our customers, then you get great service fast.”

  • E-Automate ERP Service Software
  • Remote – Tech
  • Vehicle GPS
  • Smart phones enabled with internet enabled tablets
  • MICAS: Machine Intelligence Call Assistance System
  • Regular Preventative Maintenance
  • Locally warehoused Parts & supplies
  • Local Management
  • Reasonable technician to machine ratio
  • Trained Service Dispatchers
  • Factory Trained Technicians
  • Total Satisfaction Checklist

Priority service delivered to all is and has been a cornerstone of Gray & Creech Office Systems, since 1922.